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Homola s.r.o. was established in 1990 in Bratislava. In 1992 we became a company with limited liability and after a short period of looking for the subject of enterprise we chose distribution of car repair equipments and related supplementary services as our dominant activity.

We have gradually expanded our network of customers from small service stations and garage men to branded repair shops, importers of foreign vehicles, production plants, and partners of the company SLOVDEKRA Bratislava, operators of Vehicle Testing Stations and many other important partners in the area of the automobile industry.

At the beginning Homola s.r.o cooperated with approximately 20 suppliers. Following an expansion of the range of goods the number of our suppliers has gradually increased. We are focused on selling of various equipments and devices ranging from large machines and technological units to small tools, special cleaners and spare parts. In present day the company cooperates with total of 70 suppliers. Homola s.r.o. is loyal to its suppliers and many of them have been our business partners for 20 years without any change. Thanks to this we can guarantee the continuity of services, spare parts and of friendly partnerships. We know that no collaboration with suppliers is possible without keeping good business relationships.

The company has gradually mobilized its sales activity. A system of mobile shops has been introduced ensuring continuous and most of all direct contact with customers. Directly in mobile shops dealers offer small tools, consumer goods and any consultation on other types of devices, which can be ordered and purchased. The sellers inform repair technicians about current innovations, price discounts and tools are being presented on the spot.

In 2000, after 10 years of operation on the Slovak market, the company wanted to increase its reputation and therefore decided to introduce a quality management system and obtain the quality certificate ISO 9001:2000. We defended the certificate in August 2002.

Homola s.r.o pays attention to the continuous increase of employees’ qualification that annually undergo several internal training for ISO 9001 and also within their own self-learning. But external training is important too and therefore our technicians participate on training in centers of suppliers.
The calibrations of supplied devices and special calibration procedures have become one of the essential services offered by the company. The amount of provided calibrations without specified measurements increased during 2004 up to 10 times. Consequently Homola s.r.o. invested into new devices and since 1.3.2005 we have been running a gathering service with the subsequent calibration of small not specified measurements in service stations or garages.

In 2006 the company became an authorized testing laboratory for the verification of torque wrenches, pressure gauges and combustion analyzers, as well as a registered repairer of these devices. Between 2007 and 2008, the company created the largest number of new service stations and Vehicle Testing Stations in its history. In this period the company reached record sales not only in goods but also in offered services - metrology, repairs, and maintenance.

In October 2009 after the retraining of personnel, new center was opened providing professional revisions of lifting equipments, compressors and electrical devices. All equipments are properly and professionally inspected and during the revision of lift jacks prescribed load is used.

When it was found out that a large number of devices weren’t in a proper state - the extensive maintenance works began.

One of the most important characteristics of our company is the loyalty of our workers and suppliers. Many of our employees have been working for Homola s.r.o from 9 to 19 years, the company's management included.

One of the most important activities of the company is undoubtedly the training of costumers, service personnel, as well as of repair shops’ staff and students of vocational and training institutions.

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